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Coastal Cooking & Entertaining

  • Sauerbraten Oktoberfest Sauerbraten

    Join the Silver Sirens Today Oktoberfest Sauerbraten Oktoberfest Sauerbraten This is a German favorite and serves quite a lot of guests.  Basically it’s a pot roast, but unlike any you’ve ever eaten.  It takes 3 days to marinate, so it’s important to plan ahead. I like to make it a …

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  • Oktoberfest Potato Pancakes - Easy and delicious! Oktoberfest Potato Pancakes

    potato-pancakes How can I make easy potato pancakes? Oktoberfest Potato Pancakes   3 slices bacon fried crisp / reserve drippings 4 medium potatoes 1 egg beaten 1/4 cup fine breadcrumbs 1 teaspoon salt freshly ground black pepper to taste Butter sour cream or applesauce to serve Peel potatoes, wash and …

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  • Wienerschnitzel recipe for creating your own Oktoberfest celebration Oktoberfest Wienerschnitzel

    Celebrating Oktoberfest How do I make a perfect Wienerschnitzel? Wienerschnitzel is a rather simple veal dish. A somewhat expensive meat I find that some of the cost can be cut by purchasing a couple of T’bone veal chops and trimming out the bone rather than purchasing the veal scallops. You can …

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Home & Garden

  • Someone must have fed this garden hamburger How does your garden grow?

      After 4 years of building a vegetable garden I finally got it right. I purchased my Food 4 Wealth program and followed it this year. The only thing I did differently is added mushroom compost. Not sure why I did that. Just instinct I guess. Turned out super. So …

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  • Eggs in my bird's next I have a bird’s eye view!

      I was so excited to see these beautiful eggs in the nest. It's my first time watching this so I'm very happy.  

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  • Who has a bird’s nest in their yard?

    We have a bird's nest and babies! When I first saw it, it had the look of perhaps a hornet's nest. I thought about removing it and yesterday afternoon my granddaughter came running to me. "There are baby birds out there!" Sure enough, we have babies. So cute. I've not …

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  • My pup's food and how I save approximately $30 per month How can I save on dog food?

    Saving on dog food in the most unlikely place How do I save money on dog food? In the most unlikely place My pup's food and how I save approximately $30 per month. We all know how expensive veterinarian bills can be. It's a good place to stay away from …

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  • Raspberry Muffins Muffins for Breakfast

    Personally I love a sweet in the morning. Now I know muffins are basically cake. Yup, that's the deal. But I do like them so....what do you do about being charged nearly $2 for a single muffin? Well make your own of course. Really, when my mom wakes up and …

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  • Bread! 35 cents a loaf!

    Today I am making a permanent space for my bread machine. It's kind of a hassle to bring it up from the pantry every time I need bread, so I end up buying a loaf. The other day I paid $4 ! I was irritated at my laziness so today …

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Coastal Travel

  • Can Travel bring world peace?

    “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness” Mark Twain

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  • White Heaven Beach White Heaven Beach – Playground for the Rich

    If there are beaches in heaven, this one is aptly named. Yes, for most of us this corner of the globe is not quite as easy to get to as Cape Cod, yet for a once-in-a-lifetime vacation this place would be awesome. I understand some of the freshest seafood on …

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  • Discover The Renaissance City

    Discover The Renaissance City. Providence, Rhode Island where rivers light up the evening and smoky air mingles with gentle music.  Human statues puzzle passersby “Did that statue move?” Take a step back in time.  An entire city transforms when the sun goes down,  the river cauldrons are lit on fire …

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