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If you’re in love with coastal lifestyles, we’ll help you surround yourself with the things you love, enhance life’s true richness, draw out your passions and

live powerfully

Do you long to totally immerse yourself in the culture of coastal living?

Do you ever feel that daily tasks pull you away from the things that are most important to you?

Have you ever wished that you could dine at home on delicious coastal meals?

Do you ever wish each day was filled with the things you love and are passionate about?

Do you ever dream of traveling to coastal places mostly secret and unknown?

Ever wish you had a community of friends who share your passions?

Have you ever dreamed of heading up a philanthropic mission...giving back and helping others?


Join with new friends on your journey and enjoy guidance from experts in coastal lifestyles.

Create your perfect coastal home and garden

Home and Garden
Home and Garden

Enhance your life's richness and wealth

Home and Garden
Home and Garden

Create your wellness and wealth

Home and Garden
Home and Garden

Create delicious coastal meals and entertain with style

Home and Garden
Cooking and Entertaining

Travel to exotic coastal destinations few know about

Cooking and Entertaining

Enrich your family experience with beauty and culture

Cooking and Entertaining



Decisions! Create the space that is your personal sanctuary. Only you can decide what feeds you. Your membership brings this out of you with the help of fellow members and coaching calls. Whether it is interior decorating, the colors of your walls, rugs or furniture, or if it is zen gardens or water features….Your membership offers the answers. If there is an answer or challenge we don’t address? This is your membership. Just ask.


There are so many facets of this topic and that’s great! That means I won’t run out of things to talk about. (Like that was ever a danger.)

On day-to-day money management: I was floored last week at the grocery price increases. I noticed at least a dozen items that raised 30% in one week.

For someone living paycheck-to-paycheck, this is frightening. For others, even with an abundant checkbook, it’s concerning. I’m someone who understands the price of everything I put into my cart and which stores charge more or less and sometimes half. I’ll teach the tricks I’ve learned on how to keep the grocery bill gremlins at bay with a weekly podcast.

I find that so many of my ocean-loving friends are creative artists. If I were asked to quote a dream they all have in common it’s this.

“I wish my art could earn enough to replace my job.”

I believe it can and there is an arsenal of experts who agree with me. We’ll learn how this can be done and even hear from actual expert business planners who will walk you step-by-step to having a creative business that can thrive.


I labored for quite a while over including this category because to me, it has come to mean diet and exercise. Just what we need, another site that preaches diet and exercise, right?

OK, we’ll talk about some of that. For me, managing stress and overwhelm hits a tender note. We have a very talented expert lined up to help us with that. Watch for alternative solutions to allergies and other health related topics, information on beauty, anti-aging, healthy eating, dietary supplements and much more.

My Coastal Muse shares the art of home cooking and entertaining.

Dining on seasonal treats that blend with time-honored traditions is at the heart of my cultural treasures. Join me as each month I share seasonal recipes and celebrations.

Earth’s grand debut of sunny daffodils, pink magnolias get me scurrying for outdoor furniture, grills and out to buy colorful paper goods. A camera is always on hand to snap Mother Nature’s veil of green spun lace as leaves burst forth overhead. Excitement mounts as old man winter goes packing. Even those darkest coldest months can spark dining traditions

January bursts our holiday bubble and seems to go on forever. It’s a perfect time to arrange for an intimate dinner party. Why not choose a Caribbean them? Invite guests to wear flowered shirts and bring sandals along for fun. Polish your nails with your brightest summertime coral. Get a pedicure too, who cares if your stylists look at your florescent toes with a raised eyebrow?   Play some reggae inspired music; mix tropical punch (alcohol optional) maybe a Sangria or two.  Buy or create some tropical props and finally head to the seafood market for some regional seafood.

February is the perfect time for a Mardi Gras Party! Invite guests to costume and have plenty of beads on hand to toss in the festive tradition. Add a little New Orleans jazz, some mystical table favors and enjoy some crawfish and gumbo.

It won’t be long before the Easter Bunny is hiding eggs. You know the little eggs you are still finding in September. Even coastal food junkies love to have a little lamb after their shrimp cocktail.

Summer I look forward to outdoor party celebrations, fireworks pool parties, lots of ribs, grilled seafood, corn on the cob and all the fresh bounty your garden brings forth. The grill becomes my new stove and with a little luck honey-do becomes the chef.

Fall rolls around and I start to muse over red checkered table clothes and outdoor dinners in cooler crisp air. Amidst the back drop of colorful leaves as earth takes her last loveliest bow, a grilled lobster dinner can’t be beat.

But nothing brings a grand finale to seasons like the holidays. My Italian heritage would not be complete without the feast of the 7 fishes followed by the magifique 13 course Christmas dinner the Grandma Bezzini was famous for.

Not to forget a final celebration of the year, I pull together a spectacular New Year’s Eve celebration.



“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness” – Mark Twain

Learn about unique coastal destinations that few ever read about.

White Heaven Beach – Playground for the Rich

If there are beaches in heaven, this one is aptly named. Yes, for most of us this corner of the globe is not quite as easy to get to as Cape Cod, yet for a once-in-a-lifetime vacation this place would be awesome. I understand some of the freshest seafood on … Read More

Discover The Renaissance City

Discover The Renaissance City. Providence, Rhode Island where rivers light up the evening and smoky air mingles with gentle music.  Human statues puzzle passersby “Did that statue move?” Take a step back in time.  An entire city transforms when the sun goes down,  the river cauldrons are lit on fire … Read More


One of the things I love about what I do relates to my role as a teaching grandparent.

A personal story: My counterpart grandparents proudldy say their job is to spoil the child. Why would anyone “spoil” something they care about? Especially someone they love? I have to shake my head.

My job as a grandparent is to nurture, teach, give wisdom, share cultures, expose her to the arts and the “finer” things in life. Maybe it’s the richness of plucking a fresh tomato off the vine or pulling peach from the tree. Explaining why…although it is always good to wash your fruit…this one has no chemicals on it. Oh and did you know what genetically modified means?

As my 8 year-old sat wide-eyed while I explained it to her, my heart warmed because I was teaching. The future of the word is with our children. I’m proud to have this teaching in my Silver Siren’s Membership.

Children learn about and become be involved in “giving back”

Invited Guest speakers on family relations, adjusting to change in your family…a move…loss…new baby.

Members receive special educational activities for children. From coloring to virtual travel experience, crafts and beyond.

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